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About Blue Mongoose

"The success of most endeavors is directly related to the values of the people aiding you in that journey. "

Who are we?

We are your web technology department. We listen to your goals, needs and wants. We then develop and deliver effective solutions to assist you in meeting them. We are driven by a sincere commitment to provide you with outstanding products, service and support.

What Can We Do For You?

We are your "Ace Up The Sleeve" when it comes to the using the web to make your business better.

You can Depend On Us to assist you in everything from: securing a domain name , web hosting services, configuring email accounts, creating artwork, website copy creation, website design, custom application development, database design, web video production and publishing, web animation, basic search engine optimization, basic web marketing techniques, email newsletter design and much, much more. Boy that's a mouthful.

Staying Current

As our clients have grown and required new technologies to meet their objectives, we too have grown to meet and exceed those demands. We deliver cutting edge design, development and deployment of web based technologies.

We know they are plenty of companies and people out there who can "build websites" and yet we've been able to attract a steady stream of new clients from the medical, entertainment, marketing, industrial, financial,non-profit and retail industries. Our skills are in demand because We Build and Value Relationships. We benefit our clients by becoming a "Go to Resource" to help them leverage technology to create, grow and maintain their ongoing endeavors.

Our team consists of copywriters, graphic artists, web language programmers,video producers, animation technicians, database application developers and a project director. We deliver quality work on time.

Behind The Curtain

My name is Mike Panessa. I'm where the buck stops. I'm the one who frets and sweats over your project to make sure it is everything you want it to be and more.

I possess a degree in Communications and Media Arts. I offer 18 years of experience working in Television, Advertising and Marketing and internet technologies. I've owned, designed and operated several successful online retail websites. I know what works thru practical experience. I've designed hundreds of websites and developed many other projects. I love what I do for a living and the people I collaborate with. I believe that translates into the work we create for our clients. I hope you choose to become one.

Get To The Point

What we do is a fine balance of technology and art. It is our goal to breath to life, your project, in all it's highest aspirations. Creating a satisfying result with a refined sense of good taste is our promise to you.

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