Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is hosting and how does it work?

    Hosting is renting digital real estate. Your website needs a place to live. A hosting service provides that space for a fee. The amount of space you need depends on the amount of space your website takes up as well as the amount of traffic you get. Once we know more about your business and needs , we can determine a package that will meet your needs but allow you some room to grow.

  • Can you host my website?

    Yes. We assist you in determining which features you'll need and an appropriate package to fit your needs. We get you setup with web mail, statistics services, transfer of domain name if necessary and control panel use for more advanced users.

  • Where do I get a name for my website?

    You can purchase it on your own or we can order it for you. We charge 14.95 per year for domain names. If your not sure what name you want or if it's available go to the domain name search page

  • How much does hosting cost?

    Hosting prices are based upon the amount of space you use and the amount of bandwidth or traffic handling capability you need and specific features you need. Plans range from 10.00 per month to 49.00 per month for typical shared hosting packages, however dedicated server hosting can exceed 200.00 per month.

  • How do I switch hosting companies?

    If you want to switch hosting companies to keep your online affairs streamlined or upgrade to a better quality service, that's usually a good idea. Let us know who your hosting company is, how to contact them and whether or not your under a contract. We will handle it from there. If your not sure who your hosting company is we can assist you in finding out.

  • Will clients be able to find my website on search engines?

    Yes. Once your website is given your o.k. to be published , we register your domain name with all major search engines. It can take from 2 days to 4 weeks for search engines to make their way to your website and list it for search eligibility in listing search results

  • Where will I rank on search engines or do you do search engine optimization?

    We perform initial search engine optimization (SEO). Your ranking will depend upon many factors. Those factors include; proper meta tag keywords embedded in the source code of your website( we include in this in your web design) Popularity of the search terms your business elicits( some terms have fierce competition for placement) Ranking is an art form and a science, we utilize all standard methods of getting you listed as high as possible. We however cannot guarantee, nor can anyone, a high ranking on any search that is not a paid placement ad.

  • What about pay per click advertising?

    Pay per click search engines and advertising is available on many search engines including How it works: You bid a price for the right to rank in a certain place on a search engine inquiry for a specific word or term. They charge your credit card according to the number of times people click on your paid per click link to your website. This method can get very expensive but can be worth it, especially if you sell high ticket items or services. Google is one of the best known pay per click engines on the net. If you are interested in learning more about them follow this link.

  • What it SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization. A process where your website is made easy to find for search engine visitors looking for specific information. A properly tuned website stands a far greater chance of being included in search results than one that is not.

  • What search engines will you submit my site to?

    We submit your site to Google, Bing, Yahoo, DMOZ, and any others that are appropriate for your business. Some companies promise to submit to thousands of search engines but the ones we've listed will be responsible for 99% of your search engine directed traffic.

  • Are your graphics originals?

    Logos will always be originals. Menus will always be original. Other graphics depend on what is needed and tasteful. We have subscriptions to royalty free graphic and video libraries as well as fluency with Photoshop and other Adobe media products.

  • Will I own the graphics you create for my company?

    You will own any logos we create or procure for your company as well as original graphic designs. Royalty free photos, background fades and textures you will not.

  • Are the non-original graphics you use royalty free?

    Yes. Please note that although they may be important in conveying the theme or personality of your site  they cannot be copyrighted or trademarked or re-sold.

  • What type of design is best for my business?

    The best type design for your business is one the site visitor understands, builds trust with and motivates them into taking action. The layout, color scheme, typography, visuals, content, and functionality all serve these important principles.

  • Who do I contact if I have technical problems?

    If it is a website issue, contact Blue Mongoose. If you are hosted with Blue Mongoose please contact us with any server issues such as email, ftp, statistics, etc. If your site is hosted elsewhere your hosting provider should provide you with technical support for server issues such as statistics, email, ftp, etc.

  • How do I know how many people are visiting my site

    Once your site has been published you will have access to a traffic reports via Google Analytics which reports on all of your site activity including number of unique visitors, top referring search engines, top keyword searches and other criteria.

  • What is a content management system or CMS?

    For purposes of updating your website content including text, pictures, links and media files, a CMS allows you to add, edit and delete content within your site without affecting the site structure via a user friendly graphic interface. Examples of CMS's are Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, PhpNuke, etc. They operate dynamically delivering content from a database and styling and scripts from static files containing code.

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